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Treads Risers & Trims

Stair treads, risers, and stair trim are essential components of a staircase that provide both functional and aesthetic elements. Let's explore each of these components:

The Stair Treads or "steps" at Stair Warehouse are all hand made in a true Amish Mill that specializes in stair treads. As a matter of fact, that is all they do. And they are the best treads we have ever seen. These stair treads are crafted with the finest hard wood and made to order. You can order any size and your price will be rounded up to the nearest price on our website. All you have to do is give us a call for your order or write in the comments section the specific size needed.

Our stair treads and risers are designed to be either placed on your existing steps or built on their own. We have false treads if you want something a little different. We also have landing treads for your top step, landings and balcony. Most people need skirt boards, molding and starter steps as well. So, we can make those in a flash to fit your needs.

We can make all of our stair treads and accessories in just about any species of wood like White Oak, Hickory and Brazilian Cherry. Please give us a call anytime to discuss and we should be able to help.

And as always, our free shipping is available and our prices are right!

False Starting Steps & Treads

Forget to order a bull nose on your first step? Would you like to add a bull nose to the first step of the box staircase your Builder supplied? One Bull nose kit will make a right or left hand bull nose (the tread is reversible). This is the way to efficiently take care of those pesky Designer oversights.

False treads are a great solution for upgrading an economy staircase. These fabricated kits are used to trim the edges of a carpet grade staircase with hardwood “skins”. The installed hardwood skin becomes the “show” wood at the edges of the staircase. The installation is finished with a carpet runner down the center of the staircase. The thickness of the skin creates a edge for a carpet so the finished installation truly looks “built in”.

Landing Treads & Molding

We have put together a complete line so your Installer can professionally finish the job. Our Millwork is available in all of the wood species.

We have set our items into sections that will make it easy to find Stair Starting Steps, Treads, Stair Risers, Stair Landing Treads and Moldings, and False Stair Treads.