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Stair Treads

Renovating stairs can enhance the look and safety of a home. Our hardwood stair treads are sourced from premium wood, ensuring both durability and beauty in every step. The custom options available cater to a range of preferences and staircase tread measurements. With stair tread kits, homeowners find simplification in the installation process, providing a cost-effective means for stair renovation. For those looking to refresh their staircase, stair tread refinishing services are available, breathing new life into older steps. The replacement stair treads offer a quick solution for worn or damaged surfaces. Each stair tread dimension is considered carefully to ensure a perfect fit. We offer various materials, from oak stair treads known for their resilience to the more budget-friendly pine stair treads. The stair risers come in different materials, with stair riser panels adding a decorative touch while supporting the overall structure of the staircase. Risers and treads are designed to work together seamlessly for a uniform look. The tread and riser kit includes everything needed for a complete stair overhaul. Our stair tread protectors safeguard against wear and tear, prolonging the pristine appearance of the wood stair treads. Precut stair risers save time in the installation process, ensuring a precise fit with minimal effort. Every element, from the stair riser materials to the wood's finish, is chosen to complement the overall design of your space. For those with unique staircase designs, custom stair treads can be made to order. Ensuring your stair renovation project is successful means paying attention to every detail, and our products are designed with that in mind. Whether it's a stair tread replacement or a full renewal with new treads and risers, our selection caters to a variety of needs and aesthetics.

Solid bullnose treads available with single and double miter returns. These treads are made in the U.S.A. - of select, color matched solid hardwood. No veneers. Treads with returns come with returns attached. Custom tread sizes also available - call for pricing. These treads are 1st quality Amish crafted treads - not "contractor grade" treads. Available in Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Beech, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, Red Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn, and White Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn. Made in U.S.A.