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Handrails serve as both a safety feature and a design element for any staircase. When considering a new stair handrail, homeowners and contractors look for products that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our collection includes a versatile range of handrail for stairs options, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Our wooden handrails add warmth and elegance to any space, while metal handrails provide durability and a sleek look. Modern handrails with clean lines can bring a contemporary feel to a home or commercial space. We understand that handrail installation must adhere to specific handrail code requirements to ensure handrail safety. That's why our products are designed with both compliance and ease of installation in mind. To offer a perfect match for different staircase handrail styles, we also provide an assortment of handrail brackets and handrail profiles. Moreover, our handrail materials are meticulously selected to guarantee longevity and resistance to wear. Every staircase can benefit from the addition of well-crafted handrail ends and the subtle sophistication of handrail finishing. To enhance visibility and add an extra touch of refinement, consider the innovative use of handrail lighting. Wall-mounted handrails, another option, save space and add a fluidity to the overall design of your stairway. Investing in the right handrails is not only about adhering to regulations but also about making a statement with your staircase. Let our high-quality options in staircase handrails elevate your project to the next level.

Stair Warehouse has the largest variety of stair handrails on the web. And our prices are great.

Our stair handrails are made without finger joints from the highest grade of hardwoods available. However, if you need an inexpensive finger jointed handrail, we have a 6010 handrail in Red Oak that may work.

We have straight handrail in a modern round design and traditional handrails in a shaped design. We also have nice wall rails and Contemporary Stainless Steel Handrails.

If you have a curve in your staircase, we have bending handrail that comes with the moldings included. Many of our contractors and DIY's use our bending handrail as it is so easy to install and seamless.

The Plain and Simple Handrail

In order to prevent injuries such as accidental fall or tumbling down from the stairs, most staircases are designed with a Stair Handrail that is intended to be grasped on by the handler to provide safety and support while ascending or descending the stairs. It should be built in such a way that persons who wish to go up or go down from the stairs may have the ease and comfort in doing so.

The Stair Handrail for steps is usually simple, plain yet elegant in nature. Little details may be found on it in order for it to achieve optimum functionality. Since the main functions of a stairway handrail are to promote safety and to prevent unnecessary injuries, it should be easily held, durable and stable. If not, then your staircase is a point in your homes or offices where accidents are waiting to happen.

The Stair Handrail is a common component of a staircase. But it does not necessarily mean that all staircases has it. Modern staircase design, especially those that rely heavily on a minimalist’s vision tend to stick with the more simple modern handrail profiles. We have several profiles that meet this criteria such as our 6000 Handrail, 6084 Handrail, 5600 Handrail or 5700 Handrail.

It doesn't need to be always plain and simple. You may opt to add intricate carvings or embellishments as long as the handrail is strong and sturdy. We have many section to help you find what your looking for like 4000 Series Contemporary Handrail, 6010 Handrail, 6210 Handrail, 6400 Handrail, 6519 Handrail, 6710 Handrail, 6910 Handrail, and 9100 Handrail