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8010-R Right Hand Single Bull-Nose Starting Step

A right hand bullnose step adds a polished look to any staircase. Our single bullnose starting step is crafted for durability and a seamless transition into your home's design. With stair starting steps as the foundation, you can elevate your staircase's overall appeal. Hardwood bullnose steps offer a classic touch, while stair tread bullnose ensures a smooth edge finishing. For those considering a stair renovation, our stair component refinishing and staircase upgrade components are ideal. Choose our custom stair parts for a personalized touch, making your staircase bottom step stand out. Enhance your entry step for stairs with our staircase design elements for a complete staircase aesthetic improvement.

A right hand starting step is a key element in a staircase design. Our single bullnose step offers a smooth, curved edge that enhances safety and adds a touch of elegance. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, this stair bullnose merges durability with style. The wooden stair nosing ensures a seamless transition from step to step. With a single bullnose profile, the stair tread nosing is designed to be both functional and visually appealing. The stair edge trim provides a polished finish, making it an ideal choice for your stair starting elements. Choose our hardwood bullnose step for a right hand step design that combines form with function.

The 8010-R Right Hand Single End Bull-Nose Starting Step is a specialized starting step designed for right-handed applications. It serves as the starting point for your staircase, providing an elegant and functional design element.

The step features a depth of 11-1/2" and a radius of 6-1/2" at the rounded end. The length from the round end to the start of the throat is 10-1/2". The risers measure 3/4" x 7", offering stability and support.

The 8010-R Right Hand Single End Bull-Nose Starting Step is available in various lengths to accommodate different staircase sizes and configurations. You can choose from lengths of 48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 78", and 84". This allows you to select the appropriate size for your specific needs.

Length designates the throat measurement - not the overall length. For example - if you purchase a 48" 8010 starter step - the overall length will be 58-1/2" (48" + 10-1/2").