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8310-2 False End Starter Step

Stair renovations often begin with a single, crucial piece: the stair starter step. Our 8310-2 False End Starter Step is a premium choice for homeowners looking to enhance their staircase's appearance and functionality. This staircase false end offers an elegant transition, giving your entryway a polished look. Each stair tread is crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and easy stair part installation. Whether you're undertaking a full staircase upgrade or a simple stair tread replacement, this component is essential for a seamless false end stair modification. With our durable staircase components, home stair repair becomes a straightforward task, ensuring lasting quality and style.

The 8310-2 False Bull-Nose Starter Step, also known as the False End Starting Step, is a specialized component used in staircase construction. It is designed to create the appearance of a bull-nose starting step without the need for a full bull-nose construction.

This false starter step features a depth of 11-1/2" and a radius of 7-1/4" at the rounded end, providing a visually appealing and polished look. The length from the round end to the start of the throat is 10", and the throat itself measures 8" in length. The overall length of the step is 18".

The step comes with risers that measure 3/4" x 7" in height, ensuring stability and support. Additionally, the package includes cove and shoe molding, which adds a finishing touch to the overall appearance of the step.

The 8310-2 False Bull-Nose Starter Step offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for achieving the look of a bull-nose starting step while simplifying the installation process. It is a durable and visually appealing choice for your staircase project.