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Newel Posts

Solid craftsmanship in stair design often features the use of newel posts as a central element. These structural components are essential in supporting handrails and add aesthetic value to staircases. For homeowners and builders seeking durability and style, wooden newel posts offer a combination of tradition and robustness, serving as the backbone of staircase design. From square newel posts that evoke a clean, contemporary feel to turned newel posts, which showcase intricate craftsmanship, the options are endless. Each staircase newel post contributes to the overall appearance of a staircase, with newel post designs varying from the simplistic to the ornate. Owners looking to cap off their designs elegantly can choose from various staircase post caps, which further enhance the visual appeal. Proper wood newel post installation is critical for safety and longevity. Staircase posts, including staircase banister posts and staircase support posts, provide stability to the entire structure. Newel post anchoring systems and newel post attachment hardware are therefore integral for a secure setup, ensuring that the staircase withstands the test of time. For those with specific tastes or unique staircase frameworks, custom stair posts are an excellent way to personalize their space. Staircase bottom posts and staircase post accessories serve not just a functional purpose but also present an opportunity to inject personal style into the staircase design. By selecting high-quality materials and thoughtful designs, homeowners and designers can create spaces that stand out. Whether the project calls for box newel posts or the timeless charm of staircase post designs, there's a solution for every preference to add grandeur and safety to any staircase.

The newels at Stair Warehouse are hand turned to order. We stock some newels but most of them are made to order. Please don't worry about ship time as we ship almost everything in a week or less.

We have both Post-to-Post Newels and Over-the-Post. I can't think of a better company to buy from than Stair Warehouse. These Newel Posts are beautiful and we have been distributing them for years.

The box newels at Stair Warehouse are our specialty. They are all hand made at the mill and the quality control is impeccable. You will see when you receive them that they are the real deal. And our prices for exotic species of wood like Brazilian Cherry, Hickory, Black Walnut and White Oak are far less than any of our competitors.