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False Tread Kit Unassembled

Stair renovations can transform your home's interior with elegance and style. Our false tread kit offers an easy solution for a staircase makeover, providing all the necessary components for a polished look. Each kit includes stair trim molding and stair stringer molding, crafted to enhance the aesthetic of your staircase. With stair tread veneer and false tread end caps, you can achieve a custom stair trim appearance without the custom price tag. Our decorative stair stringer moldings add a touch of sophistication, while the wood veneer for the staircase ensures a seamless finish. Whether you prefer prefinished stair treads for quick installation or unfinished stair veneer for a personalized stain, we have you covered. Additionally, our stair riser veneer and staircase veneer kits are designed for a cohesive look. For those seeking stair side trim options, our products provide a variety of choices to match any home decor.

The False Tread Kit offers an unassembled option consisting of four pieces. The false tread molding is made of solid wood, while the tread base and riser are crafted with real wood veneer. This kit provides an economical and visually appealing finish for your staircase. Choose from a variety of wood species to suit your preference. The kit includes miter return moulding and a false riser. The tread measures 1/2" x 11" x 6" wide.

False Tread Kit - Installation Instructions

Open Stair Installation

  1. Cut a 45 degree miter on all false risers for the open side of the stair to match up with miter on stringer skirt board. Fit and install mitered false risers to mitered skirt board using glue and finish nails.
  2. Place the false treads on the open side of the stair and mark the length needed from the face of one false riser to the face of the next false riser. Always place the false tread on the stair with the non-grooved edge towards the middle of the stair. Cut and fit the false treads to length for the open side of the stair.
  3. Cut the miter from the end of the 9" piece of molding that will be towards the middle of the stair. This corner will be used to return the side molding to the skirtboard at the back of the tread.
  4. Finish trimming the 9" molding to fit the false tread. Fit and install the molding to the front edge of the false treads using glue.
  5. Trim the 14" side molding to fit the false tread length.
  6. Fit and install the side molding to the false tread using glue.
  7. Install the assembled false treads to the stair using glue and finish nails.
  8. Fit and install the miter return molding to the side molding at the rear of the false treads using glue.