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8015 Double End Bull-Nose Starting Step

A bullnose starting step serves as an elegant beginning to any staircase, transforming the entryway into a statement of style and design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our double end bullnose steps offer a seamless transition for any stair renovation or staircase upgrade. Every staircase starting step in our selection appeals to those looking for top-notch hardwood bullnose steps, merging functionality with aesthetic allure. Our starting step design options include custom stair parts tailored to meet your precise stair tread design aspirations. Whether you're after the classic charm of a wooden stair bullnose or the tailored sophistication of a curved starting step, our stair edge treatment options bring your vision to life. The stair tread bullnose, with its distinct tread bullnose edge, adds both character and safety to your staircase bottom step. When opting for a stair starting step profile from our range, you're not just purchasing a double bullnose tread; you're investing in a piece of craftsmanship that echoes the quality of your home. The hardwood stair nose pieces we provide are integral to not just staircase remodel projects but also to creating a cohesive and inviting space. We offer custom wood steps that regard both design trends and timeless elegance, ensuring your space feels both modern and everlasting. Aesthetics aside, our stair edge treatment guarantees durability and longevity, pivotal for any high-traffic area. With our comprehensive staircase solutions, you can effortlessly achieve the look you desire.

The 8015 Double End Bull-Nose Starting Step is a versatile starting step option for staircases. It features rounded ends on both sides, making it suitable for double-ended applications. The step has a depth of 11-1/2" and the radius of the rounded ends is 6-1/2". The length from each round end to the start of the throat is 10-1/2". The risers measure 3/4" x 7".

The 8015 Double End Bull-Nose Starting Step is available in throat lengths ranging from 48" to 84". This allows you to select the appropriate size based on your specific staircase requirements. The step is designed to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing starting point for your staircase design.

Length designates the throat measurement - not the overall length. For example - if you purchase a 48" 8015 double end starter step - the overall length will be 69" (48" + 10-1/2" + 10-1/2").