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8010-2 False End Starter Step


The 8010-2 False Bull-Nose Starter Step, also known as a False End Starting Step, is a specialized component used in staircase construction. It is designed to create the appearance of a bull-nose starting step without the need for a rounded end.

With a depth of 11-1/2", this false starter step provides sufficient space for comfortable stepping. The radius of the end is 6-1/2", giving it a visually pleasing curve. The length from the round end to the start of the throat is 9", and the throat itself measures 6" in length. The overall length of the false starter step is 15".

One notable feature of the false bull-nose starter step is its reversibility, allowing it to be installed on either the left or right side of the staircase.

The riser thickness for this false starter step is 3/4", providing stability and support for the rest of the staircase structure.