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Thank you for clicking on Stair Warehouse. I'm sure you have many questions. And we have answers.

First question you might have is how long has Stair Warehouse been in business and what are people saying about the company. Second, how is Stair Warehouse priced compared to other Stair Parts companies. And third, does Stair Warehouse offer Free Shipping.

To answer these questions, I will start with the first one. Stair Warehouse has been distributing Stair Parts for over 12 years with over 50,000 customers. We focus our efforts on providing our customers with the finest Iron Balusters, Stainless Steel Stair Parts and Wood Stair Parts.

The big question is what are people saying about us. If you look at our testimonials and Stair Warehouse Reviews, you will find dozens of reviews from happy customers. So many that we stopped counting. We take care of our customers throughout the process. We will help you buy the right items, ship everything on time and make sure that you are more than pleased with the end result.

And lastly, Yes, we offer Free Shipping for qualifying orders. Stair Parts are heavy, so we do have a small minimum order, but with our best price guarantee, you will be more than pleased when your project is complete.

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