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Baluster Fasteners

Baluster fasteners play a crucial role in staircase construction by securely connecting balusters to stairs and handrails. Our selection of high-quality stair dowel pins ensures a tight fit and lasting durability for any stair-building project. We offer a wide range of screws for stair treads, designed to firmly secure each step to the stair's framework without compromising on aesthetics. Our versatile stair rail dowels provide robust support for handrails, while our stair spindle fasteners are engineered for easy installation and strong hold. When assembling a staircase, the right wooden dowel for balusters can mean the difference between a shaky railing and one that stands the test of time. Our stair banister dowels are crafted for this purpose, providing the reliability your staircase needs. Dowel pins for stairs are a small yet essential component in any stair-building endeavor, ensuring alignment and connection of parts with precision. To fortify the critical juncture where your treads meet the risers, our tread fastening screws are the perfect solution for a secure and squeak-free staircase. With an array of staircase dowel pins available, finding the right fit for your needs is straightforward. For homeowners aiming to anchor their balusters firmly, our staircase baluster anchors give peace of mind with their strong fixture. For the ultimate stability of your stair components, consider our baluster mounting hardware, specifically designed to ensure your staircase components come together seamlessly. Lastly, tread to riser screws in our repertoire offer the specific security needed at the point where these two key staircase elements unite. Our product lineup is built around the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. By selecting the exact hardware tailored to your staircase construction, you ensure not just a visually appealing staircase, but one that is structurally sound and designed to last.

DIY stair building? No problem. Our balusters screws are steel dowel screws which will enhance the strength of your most beloved balustrade. They are definitely stronger than the traditional dowels and they're easier to install. Another good thing about our balusters screws is that they also provide a cleaner and more polished look as the actual screws are hidden and there are no holes, no gaps and no visible cuts. At the end of the day, you get a stronger balustrade…plus a good looking one to boot.