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Installation Guide

Here is the comprehensive graphic and written stair building installation guide. Pretty much everything that you need to know about DIY stair building.

Stair Warehouse - Staircase Installation Help

Over the Post

Post to Post

Selecting Your Stair Parts

Step 1: Choose between a Post to Post or an Over the Post stair design. In a Post to Post system the handrail runs between the newel posts and in an Over the Post system the handrail runs over the top of the newels using fittings. Follow these thorough but simple guidelines to obtain the stairway of your dreams.

Step 2: Select your baluster style next. Stairwarehouse allows you to select between the 3 length and 5 length wood baluster designs or Iron balusters.

Step 3: After selecting your baluster, choose your handrail. Pin top balusters utilize flat bottom handrail (no plow). We recommend the use of plowed handrail when a square top baluster has been selected. For 1-1/4" square top balusters choose 6010P, 6109P, 6601P or 6701P handrail. The wider handrails may also be ordered with a custom 1-1/4" plow. When using 1-3/4" square top balusters choose 6210P, 6310P, 6519P, 6710P, 6910, 6109P175, 6400P, 6005P, 9500P, 9700P. 6519 and 6400 handrail are also available with a 2" plow for 2" square top balusters (please call to order).

Step 4: Choose your newels. Decide if you want to use coordinated newels from the same group as your balusters or complementary ones, such as Box Newels.

Step 5: Choose your Starting Fitting. On an Over the Post System decide which starting fitting to begin your stairway: Volute, Turnout or Starting Easing.

Step 6: Starting Steps are a beautiful architectural element for most any stairway. If you would like a starting step at the bottom of your stairway, use the choices you made in Step 3 (handrail), Step 4 (newels) and Step 5 (starting fittings) to choose the correct starting step.

Step 7: Choosing which treads and risers are right for your stairway depends if you would like an open tread or kneewall stairway and whether you will carpet all or just the center of the steps. Please see our full selection of treads, risers, false ends and related moldings under Stair Treads.

Step 8: Select the rest of the fittings needed for your Over the Post stairway. If you chose a Post to Post system, decide whether you want to utilize goosenecks with your landing newels or if you want to utilize large face newels.

Step 9: We offer a wide selection of hardware and accessories to complete your stair system. See Stair Hardware to see our full line.

Step 10: You did it! Now place your order for stair parts either on-line or on the phone at (800) 591-7224. Remember, if you have a need for other turned architectural details in your home or project we can get them for you and we can coordinate them with your stair parts. We have a full line of parts including columns, kitchen island columns, table legs, fireplace columns and more. If you need custom turnings, we can do those to.