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Single Diamond - 1/2" sq.

$33.95 - $34.95

A single diamond iron baluster refers to a type of decorative element used in staircase railings. Balusters are the vertical posts that support the handrail and create a barrier along the edge of a staircase. They come in various powder coatings like Satin Black and oil rubbed bronze.

A diamond iron baluster, as the name suggests, has a diamond-shaped pattern or motif incorporated into its design. The diamond shape adds visual interest and elegance to the baluster and can complement different architectural styles.

A single diamond iron baluster is a standalone component that can be used individually or in combination with other balusters to create a unique railing design. It typically features a fixed height and is installed vertically between the handrail and the base or treads of the staircase.

When using a single diamond iron baluster, it's common to alternate it with other baluster designs to create a visually appealing pattern. For example, you might use a single diamond baluster followed by a plain or twisted baluster, repeating this pattern along the length of the railing.

Hollow Single Diamond Baluster. 1/2" x 44" length.