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Zip Clip Shoe System for 1/2 inch Iron Balusters

Iron baluster installations can significantly enhance the elegance of any staircase. The zip clip shoe system is designed to streamline the process, offering an efficient solution for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. With this innovative system, you can expect a secure and straightforward setup, ensuring your baluster installation clip fits snugly without extensive effort. Every stair baluster kit comes with all the necessary stair railing components, including the versatile iron baluster shoe, tailored to fit half-inch iron balusters with precision. The zipclip baluster system's intuitive design simplifies stair component installation, cutting down the time and tools typically required for such a task. Users will appreciate the ease with which the baluster shoe clip seamlessly integrates into their existing framework, turning a complicated project into a manageable task. Those embarking on stair renovation parts sourcing will find that the stairway baluster installation process becomes much less daunting with this user-friendly option. Moreover, for anyone considering an iron baluster upgrade, the stair railing clip system delivers both functionality and a polished, professional finish. By ensuring all elements fit together perfectly, your staircase will not only be structurally sound but will also embody an aesthetic appeal that resonates with the modern homeowner. Opting for the zip clip shoe system means investing in quality, durability, and a hassle-free installation experience.


Zip Clip Shoe systems are a type of installation system for stair railings that eliminates the need for drilling and cutting holes in the newel posts and handrails. The system uses a clip that is attached to the newel post or handrail, and then a corresponding clip is attached to the iron baluster. The iron baluster is then inserted into the clip on the newel post or handrail, and a small screw is used to secure it in place. The Zip Clip Shoe System is easy to install and has become a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts and contractors alike. It is available in different sizes and finishes to fit different railing systems and decor styles.

For use with any standard ½ inch iron baluster this method will allow you to install the rail zip clip then stain and finish your stair rail, treads and newel posts then go back and snap the balusters in. Install the shoes completely over the metal zip clip, eliminating the need to drill a round hole for a square baluster!

Zip Clip shoe systems from Stair Warehouse offer an easy alternative to the typical solid iron baluster and hollow iron baluster installation! No more drilling and cutting holes in your stairs to fit the baluster! Simply line up and drill into place the top and bottom metal base, lock the baluster into the top and bottom, and slide the shoe to cover!

Each Zip Clip shoe system package comes with two adjustable shoes and is designed to work with one hollow iron baluster, providing a metal base and slide-on shoe for both the top and bottom of the baluster.

NO ADHESIVE NECESSARY! Zip Clip Shoe System for installation of 1/2" square metal balusters. Shoes are approximately 1-7/16" square.

Kit comes with TOP and BOTTOM zip clips and shoes.

Choose from 3 different applications:

  1. Horizontal handrail to Flat Floor/Tread Surface (contains zip clips and two flat shoes).
    Zip Clip - Horizontal Handrail to Flat Floor
  2. Rake/Pitch Rail to Flat Floor/Tread Surface (contains zip clips and one pitch shoe and one flat shoe).
    Zip Clip - Rake/Pitch Rail to Flat Floor
  3. Rake/Pitch Rail to Kneewall(pitch) (contains zip clips and two pitch shoes).
    Zip Clip - Rake/Pitch Handrail to Pitch Kneewall