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Circle Panel Baluster

$25.95 - $34.95

A circle panel iron baluster for a staircase is a type of baluster, which is a vertical support or spindle that is used to support a handrail in a staircase. The circle panel iron baluster, as the name suggests, features a circular panel design in the middle.

This type of baluster is typically made of iron, which provides strength and durability. The circle panel design adds an aesthetic appeal to the staircase, giving it a distinctive and elegant look. The circular panel is usually made of metal, often with decorative patterns or motifs.

When installing circle panel iron balusters, they are typically spaced evenly along the staircase, with a handrail running along the top to provide support and safety. These balusters can be used in both residential and commercial settings, adding a touch of sophistication to the staircase design.

Medallion Series - Circle Scroll Panel  - 3 leg. Hollow 1/2" sq. Scroll is 6" width x 44" height.