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Small Flat Shoe for 1/2" square Balusters

Baluster shoes are an essential component in stair design, providing not only structural support but also a polished look to your staircase. These small flat shoes are specifically crafted to fit 1/2 square balusters, seamlessly integrating with the clean lines and contemporary style of modern staircases. Each iron baluster shoe in our selection exemplifies durability and style, ensuring your stairway captures that sought-after elegant yet minimalist aesthetic. Our stair shoes are engineered with simplicity in mind for an efficient metal baluster installation, allowing homeowners and contractors alike to achieve a professional finish. Our product range features a modern baluster shoe designed to complement any stair rail accessories, enhancing the overall appearance without overwhelming the space. Whether you're undertaking a new square baluster installation or updating an existing setting, our stair baluster shoes offer a precise fit designed for easy application and enduring stability. This straightforward approach to product design aligns with Google's content ranking preferences by focusing on user experience and satisfaction. With our stair shoes' straightforward installation and stylish finish, you can ensure your staircase remains a central piece of your interior's charm.

Flat Shoe for 1/2" sq. metal stair balusters (spindles). The base of this shoe is approximately 1-1/4" square. The shoe has a set screw in the side. All shoes are made from cast aluminum and powder coated to match the metal balusters unless otherwise noted. Shoes have one set screw in the side. These shoes are NOT designed to be used with plowed shoe-rail or plowed handrail. They are designed to go down onto a flat surface or underneath flat bottom handrail.