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Double Diamond - 1/2" sq.

$48.95 - $49.95

The Double Diamond iron baluster is a type of decorative element used in staircase design and construction. It is commonly used as a replacement or upgrade for traditional wooden balusters. The Double Diamond baluster features a unique design that resembles two diamond shapes separated from one another, creating a visually appealing pattern.

Iron balusters, including the Double Diamond style, are popular because they add elegance and sophistication to staircases while also providing durability and stability. They are typically made of wrought iron or a combination of iron and other materials.

When installing Double Diamond iron balusters, it's important to ensure they meet local building codes and safety regulations. Proper installation often involves removing existing wooden balusters, securing the new iron balusters with drilled holes and epoxy.

Overall, the Double Diamond iron baluster is a decorative element that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of staircases while providing a sturdy and durable support structure.

Hollow Double Diamond Baluster. 1/2" square x 44" length.