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Modern Small Double Square Baluster - Hollow

$15.95 - $26.50

A modern small double square baluster refers to a specific type of baluster used in staircase railing systems. Balusters are vertical posts or columns that provide support and decorative elements to railings. They are typically placed between the handrail and the base rail of a staircase.

In the case of a small double square baluster, it has a square shape with two square sections separated from one another. The double square design gives it a more contemporary and streamlined look compared to traditional baluster styles.

The term "hollow" indicates that the baluster is not solid throughout its entire length. Instead, it is typically made with a hollow center, which helps reduce its weight while maintaining structural integrity. The hollow design also allows for easier installation and may offer cost savings in terms of materials.

Modern small double square balusters can be finished in various powder coated colors such as satin black, ash grey and oil rubbed bronze. Each color offers its own unique aesthetic and beauty.

Modern Small Double Square Metal Baluster - Hollow. Bars are 1/2" hollow material with a powder-coated finish. 2-1/4" width by 44" length.