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Modern Ellipse Baluster

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Modern staircases are increasingly becoming the centerpiece of many homes and commercial spaces. Modern stair balusters, characterized by their sleek designs and clean lines, contribute to this aesthetic significantly. Our collection includes a range of modern baluster designs that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that your staircase is not only safe but also a statement piece of interior design. You can find modern baluster styles that blend seamlessly into contemporary stair spindles, creating an effortless transition in your stairwell. When selecting modern metal balusters, consider the impact you want to make. Designer stair balusters offer that touch of elegance and innovation, elevating the overall look of the space. The right modern stair railing doesn't just provide stability; it integrates with the architectural stair balusters to enhance the design narrative of your home. Contemporary metal stair spindles can introduce a dynamic contrast, especially when paired with warm wood or cool glass elements in a modern staircase balustrade. Choosing the right metallic stair balusters can lead to a transformation in the way a space is perceived. Sleek stair spindles suggest sophistication and are often found in minimalist stair balusters that appeal to those with a taste for simple yet impactful design elements. Moreover, if you have a specific vision, custom stair spindles are available to bring your unique idea to life without compromising on the modern aesthetic. The components of a modern stair railing are fundamental to achieving the desired effect. Every element, from the banister to the individual balusters, must align with contemporary railing designs to create a cohesive and visually appealing staircase. With innovative stair balusters, you have the opportunity to install a feature in your home that's not just functional but also an expression of contemporary design. Modern stair banisters serve as the perfect finishing touch, ensuring that every aspect of your staircase is steeped in modern elegance. In conclusion, when revamping or constructing a staircase, consider these modern solutions that emphasize design, quality, and functionality to enhance the value and beauty of your space.


Modern ellipse iron balusters are a popular choice for railing systems in contemporary homes and commercial spaces. They offer a sleek and stylish look while providing durability and strength. Here are some characteristics and features commonly associated with modern marquis iron balusters:

  1. Minimalist Design: Modern ellipse iron balusters often feature clean lines, simple shapes, and minimal ornamentation. They are designed to create a sleek and streamlined appearance.
  2. Smooth Finishes: Modern marquis iron balusters typically have smooth finishes, such as powder coating or paint, in neutral or metallic colors. This allows them to blend seamlessly with various design styles.
  3. Mixed Materials: In some modern designs, modern marquis iron balusters may be combined with other materials like wood, or stainless steel to create a visually interesting and dynamic look.
  4. Thin Profiles: Modern iron balusters often have slim profiles to maintain an airy and light appearance. This feature can help create an open and spacious feel in the surrounding area.

Hollow Ellipse (marquise, navette) Shape Modern Baluster. 1/2" sq. x 44" height. Width of baluster is 3-3/4". The actual marquis portion is approximately 20-3/4" height. Available in Satin Black or Ash Grey.