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Mission Flat Panel Box Newel - 6-1/4"


The Flat Panel Mission Newel is a type of staircase newel post commonly used in home construction and remodeling projects. It features a flat panel design and is typically associated with mission-style or craftsman-style staircases.

The Flat Panel Mission Newel you mentioned has a square shape with each side measuring 6-1/4 inches. This measurement refers to the width of the newel post, indicating that it is 6-1/4 inches wide on each side.

The Flat Panel Mission Newel is designed to provide structural support for the handrail of a staircase while adding a decorative element. The flat panel design embodies the clean lines and simplicity often found in mission-style or craftsman-style architecture.

The Mission Farmhouse Flat Panel Box Newel is a stylish choice for your staircase, featuring a 6-1/4" square base and a height of 54". It is available in a variety of wood species, allowing you to select the perfect match for your design preferences. Additionally, there is an option for a Primed White with Stainable Cap and Trim. If you choose this option, please provide your desired wood species for the cap and trim in the comment section during the checkout process. This ensures that your order is customized to meet your specific requirements.