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5040 Round Baluster "Pool Cue"

$7.25 - $8.50
The 5040 pool cue baluster is a stylish and functional element for any staircase. This stair part baluster is carefully crafted to resemble the sleek, straight lines of a pool cue, providing a smooth and elegant touch. The candlestick balusters feature a design that enhances the aesthetic of traditional and contemporary interiors alike. Every round baluster is shaped from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and stability in your staircase. When you're looking to upgrade your home with wooden stair spindles, the 5040 baluster presents an exceptional choice. Its wood baluster construction boasts not only strength but also the versatility to suit various interior balustrade styles. As you consider your stair baluster design, you'll find that this product integrates seamlessly with a range of wooden balusters, adding a timeless charm. Incorporating traditional balusters into your space can transform both the look and feel of your home. The stair railing spindles you choose are crucial to creating a cohesive visual flow. With the candlestick spindle, our 5040 series elevates stair spindle designs, combining form with function. If you're brainstorming staircase spindle ideas, the gentle curves and robust profile of this option can inspire your next project. Our round staircase spindles are easily adaptable to a variety of decor themes, ensuring a match for your specific vision. Interior stair balusters like these double as stunning hardwood stair components that promise longevity and style. As you refine the details of your home, turning wood balusters into focal points can significantly enhance the overall finish of your interiors. In short, the 5040 pool cue baluster is an impeccable choice for anyone seeking a mix of classic refinement and modern simplicity, serving as a robust yet tasteful addition to any staircase renovation or build.

Wood pool cue balusters are wooden components used in the construction of stair railings. They are the vertical supports in a staircase or railing system. Pool cue Balusters are typically the decorative and supportive elements that are installed under the handrail.

In the context of pool cues, the term "baluster" refers to the individual wooden pieces or sections that are combined to go under the handrail. These sections are often made from various types of wood and are carefully shaped and finished to provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing grip.

Pool cue balusters can vary in length, depending on personal preferences and the specific railings they are intended for. Some common types of wood used for balusters include maple, ash, white oak, walnut, and many others. Each type of wood can offer different characteristics such as durability, species, and aesthetics, allowing customers to choose the material that suits their home.

When selecting wood pool cue balusters, it's essential to consider factors such as the height and wood species. The design and craftsmanship of the balusters can significantly impact the overall look of the stairs.

5040 Round Baluster. 1-1/4" diameter. Available in 34", 36", 39" and 42" length which include a 1" long dowel. This baluster is commonly referred to as a "pool cue" baluster.