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Solid Square Cap Newel- 3-1/2 inch


The 4075 Solid Square Cap Newel Post is a type of newel post commonly used in staircase construction. A newel post is a vertical post located at the bottom, top, or intermediate points of a staircase, providing structural support and serving as an anchor for the handrail.

The 4075 Solid Square Cap Newel Post features a square shape and a solid construction, typically made from wood or a wood composite material. It is designed to be sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the weight and pressure exerted on it. The square cap refers to the flat, decorative top portion of the post, which adds a finishing touch to the overall appearance of the staircase.

The 4075 Solid Square Cap Newel Posts are available in various sizes to complement different architectural styles and personal preferences.

4075 Solid Newel Post with square top cap. This newel post is 3-1/2" square x 58" length. It is solid wood and not made like traditional box newels which are always hollow inside. Great for traditional stairways. Available in several different species of wood. Comes standard with a square cap. We can also make this newel post with a pyramid cap for an additional $25.00 charge - please call to order newel posts with pyramid caps.

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