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4091 Plain 6-1/4" Box Newel

$168.00 - $245.00

4091 Box Newel - 6-1/4" x 55" Plain Box Newel.

The 4091 Box Newel is a type of newel post that is commonly used in traditional staircase designs. It is a square-shaped post that is hollow on the inside and has a flat top and bottom. The 4091 Box Newel is typically made of wood and is available in various wood species such as Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, and Primed White, among others. It features a classic design that may include raised panels on all four sides, flat panels, or a plain design. All of which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the staircase. The 4091 Box Newel is used as a support post for the handrail and is typically installed at the base of the staircase or at the top of a landing. It is compatible with various types of balusters, including wood and iron.

Base of box newel is 6-1/4" square and height is 55". Available in several different domestic and exotic wood species This box newel is also available Fluted, Flat Panel, and Raised Panel.

Newel comes standard with square top. Pyramid cap available for a $20.00 additional charge - call to order. If ordering the primed box newel with stainable cap and trim, please designate the species of wood that you want the cap and trim made from on the "Comment" section of the check-out page.

This box newel is manufactured using lock-miter joints which is the best way due to the strength and lack of any side grain showing on the edge of the newel post. Made in the U.S.A.

StairWarehouse also has half box newels available which are split down the middle allowing an elegant termination of handrails against a wall.

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