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4491 Square Cap Box Newel Post

$158.00 - $184.00

A 5-inch square cap newel post refers to a type of post used in staircase construction. Newel posts are the large, structural posts that anchor the handrail at the start, end, and turns of a staircase. They provide support and stability to the balustrade system.

In this case, a 5-inch square cap newel post means that the post has a square cross-section with sides measuring 5 inches. The "cap" refers to the decorative element or finial placed on top of the post, which adds a finishing touch to the design.

These Newel posts are available in various wood species like White Oak, Hickory, Maple and Poplar.

4491 Newel Post. 5" square base x 55" height. The 4491 has a solid upper-section and the bottom section is box construction. This newel post is a match to the 4075, 4375 and the 4091 6-1/4" newel post. Upper section is 3-1/2" square like the 4075 and the base is 5" square. Available in several different species of wood to match wood handrail, wood treads, wood balusters and more.

Picture shows brazilian cherry 4491 newel.Comes standard with a square cap. We can also make this newel post with a pyramid cap for an additional $25.00 charge - please call to order newel posts with pyramid caps. Please note that this newel post is NOT a stock item. These newel posts normally ship in 7 to 15 business days after ordering.

Available with fixed base or adjustable sleeve base.