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1-1/4" square Plain Baluster


A 5060 wood baluster, also known as a spindle or picket, is a modern vertical support element used in staircases, railings, and other architectural structures. It typically consists of a slender, upright piece of wood that connects the handrail or guardrail to the base or tread of a staircase or balcony.

The common wood species used for the 5060 wood balusters include primed poplar, oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut, among others.

These contemporary balusters can be custom-made to match the specific aesthetic requirements of a project. When installing wood balusters, they are typically secured to the stair or railing structure using fasteners like screws or dowels.

The 5060 Wood balusters not only provide structural support but also contribute to the overall appearance and style of the staircase or railing. They can be painted, stained, or left natural to showcase the beauty of the wood grain, depending on personal preference and design goals.

5060 Contemporary Baluster - 1 1/4" square. This is a contemporary 1 1/4" baluster. This baluster looks great with the 4091 box newel series or the 4000 contemporary newel series. This type of wood baluster is also available with flutes (see 5060F balustrade) or with chamfered sides (see 5060C balustrade). We also carry this style of balister/spindle in a 1 3/4" size (5360 series).
Now available in Monterey Pine, Red Oak, Primed, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Hickory, Mahogany and Walnut.