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4077 Box Newel - 3-1/2 inch


A "4077 Box Newel - 3-1/2 inch" is a specific type of newel post commonly used in staircase construction. Let's break down the different components of the term:

  1. "Box Newel": A box newel is a type of newel post that has is hollow on the inside like a box.  They have the advantage of showing face grain (no side grain) on all 4-sides of the newel post resulting in a better looking newel post that will stain the same on all 4 sides.  Box newels are often used to provide a more substantial and visually prominent element in staircase design.
  2. "3-1/2 inch": This dimension specifies the width of main body of the box newel, indicating that it measures 3-1/2 inches square. The width is an important measurement to ensure compatibility and proper fitting with other staircase components, such as handrails and balusters.

4077 Box Newel, a stylish and versatile choice for your staircase. This box newel measures 3-1/2" square on the main body and has a length of 63". Please note that the 4077 series is imported and does not include 1/2 newels. If you require a 1/2 newel, we recommend exploring our 4075 box newel series.....or buy a full newel and split it yourself on a table saw. Elevate the aesthetic of your staircase with the 4077 Box Newel, a beautiful and durable option for your home.