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Twist and Heart Scroll


The term "Twist and Heart Scroll" refers to a specific combination of design elements in a baluster. It features both a twisted section and a heart-shaped scroll, creating an intricate and decorative look.

The twisted section of the baluster typically consists of a spiral or helical pattern, adding a sense of movement and visual interest. This twist is positioned in the middle of the baluster.

The heart scroll is a decorative element that resembles the shape of a heart. It is located in the middle of the baluster, showcasing a graceful and romantic motif.

The combination of the twist and heart scroll creates a baluster that is visually appealing and elegant. It is commonly used in various architectural styles, particularly those with a traditional or ornate aesthetic.

Twist and Heart Scroll balusters are available in powder coated colors, such as satin black, ash grey and oil rubbed bronze.

Hollow Twist and Heart Scroll Baluster is 1/2" square x 5-3/16" wide x 44" length. Scroll is made from 1/2" x 1/4" material "Light Gauge".