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Large Scroll

$12.95 - $33.50

A large scroll in an iron baluster refers to a decorative element commonly found in staircases or railings. An iron baluster is a vertical structural support, typically made of iron, that is used to support a handrail or guardrail system.

A scroll is a decorative motif that resembles a curled or twisted shape, often resembling the shape of a spiral or an S-curve. In the context of an iron baluster, a large scroll would typically be a prominent and ornate design element incorporated into the structure.

Large scrolls in iron balusters can add a touch of elegance and visual interest to a staircase or railing system. They are often used in traditional or ornate architectural styles and can be customized to suit the specific design preferences of the homeowner or architect.

Hollow Large Scroll Baluster. 1/2" square x 7" width x 44" length. Scroll portion of baluster is approximately 24" tall x 7" width.