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Twist & Butterfly Scroll

$15.95 - $22.50

The term "Twist & Butterfly Scroll" refers to a specific combination of design elements in a baluster. It incorporates both a twisted section and a butterfly scroll or volute, creating an ornate and intricate look.

The twisted section of the baluster typically features a spiral or helical pattern, adding a dynamic and visually appealing element. This twist is located at the top and of bottom of the baluster.

The butterfly scroll, also known as a volute, is a decorative scrollwork element that resembles the wings of a butterfly. It is usually located in the middle of the baluster and adds a unique and artistic flair to the overall design.

This combination of the twist and butterfly scroll creates a baluster that is both visually striking and intricate. It is commonly used in more traditional or ornate architectural styles, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to railing systems and staircases.

Twist & Butterfly Scroll balusters are available in satin black, ash grey and oil rubbed bronze.

Hollow Double Twist with Butterfly Scroll and Leaves. 1/2" x 6-3/4" width x 44" length. Scroll is approximately 6-3/4" width x 15" length including leaves.