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Single Twist Belly Baluster

(You save $3.05 )

A Single Twist Belly Baluster is a type of baluster that combines a twisted design with a gentle belly or curved shape. It is a decorative element commonly used in railing systems and staircases to add visual interest and elegance.

The Single Twist Belly Baluster typically features a central twist, creating a spiral or helical pattern. This twist adds a dynamic and intricate element to the baluster. The baluster also incorporates a gentle belly or curved shape, which gives it a graceful and flowing appearance.

These balusters are available in powder coated satin black.

Single Twist Belly Balusters are often chosen for their ability to complement both traditional and contemporary architectural styles. They can be used to enhance the overall design of a staircase or railing system, creating a focal point or adding a touch of sophistication.

Sold individually. This is a 1/2" sq. x 44" belly baluster with a single twist. Price shown is for a single baluster.