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Single Long Twist

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A staircase twist baluster is not only a structural component but also an aesthetic feature in a home. With the hollow long twist design, these metal twist balusters offer elegance to your stairway without the weight of solid iron. Upgrade your stairway with our single basket twist balusters that blend strength and style, ensuring durability and adding charm to your home's interior. The iron twist stair spindles are crafted for easy installation and come as a timeless long twist metal balustrade element that complements any decor. Enhance your staircase with these tasteful selections and appreciate the perfect balance of form and function they bring to your space.

A long twisted iron baluster pattern for stairs can add a unique and elegant touch to your staircase. Here's a description of a common twisted iron baluster pattern:

  1. Twisted Design: The baluster features a central twisted iron rod that extends from the bottom to the top of the baluster. This twisted design adds visual interest and creates a dynamic element in the pattern.
  2. Length: The twist is longer (at 22 inches) than traditional balusters to showcase the twisting pattern.
  3. Finishes: Iron balusters can be finished in various ways to complement your overall staircase design. Common finishes include satin black, ash grey and oil-rubbed bronze. The finish can help highlight the details of the twisted pattern.
  4. Installation: Long Twisted iron balusters are installed in a similar manner to standard balusters.

When considering a twisted iron baluster pattern, it's essential to consult with a professional stair builder or contractor who specializes in staircase installations. They can guide you on the specific requirements for your staircase and help you select the appropriate baluster design and size.

Hollow Single Twist Long Metal Baluster. 1/2" sq. x 44" length. Twist section is 22" in length. These stair spindles look great in your stair banister with wood newel posts and handrail. These look great with the other balusters in the Twist and Basket Series and the Versatile Series. Combine with Metal Scroll balusters for an elegant look.