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Single Twist Baluster


A single twist pattern iron baluster is a type of decorative element commonly used in staircase railings. It is typically made of iron or another metal and features a single twist design along its length. The baluster is installed vertically between the handrail and the stair tread or floor, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The single twist pattern iron baluster adds a unique and visually interesting element to staircase railings. It features a twisted or spiraled section along its length, creating a sense of movement and adding a dynamic touch to the overall design. The twist can vary in tightness and style, allowing for customization and compatibility with different architectural aesthetics.

Similar to other balusters, the installation of a single twist pattern iron baluster requires following proper guidelines and regulations to ensure safety and structural integrity. The baluster needs to be securely fastened to the handrail and the stair tread or floor, often involving drilling holes and using appropriate epoxy.

The single twist pattern iron baluster is a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance the visual appeal of their staircase while maintaining a classic and timeless look. It offers a balance between elegance and a touch of uniqueness, making it suitable for various architectural styles and design preferences.

This is a Single Twist Baluster. These balusters are available as either solid or hollow (tubular) metal.

Hollow Single Twist Baluster. 1/2" sq. x 44" length. Customer Favorite! Available in 7 colors.

These iron balusters look great in combination with other balusters from the twist and basket series. These balusters have a powder-coated finish and are designed for installation with a wood handrail.