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Modern 4690 Box Newel 4-1/2 inch with Flat Cap


The "Modern 4690 Box Newel" is a specific type of newel post commonly used in staircase designs. Newel posts are vertical structural elements that provide support and serve as a focal point in staircase systems.

The Modern 4690 Box Newel is characterized by its contemporary design and clean lines. It typically features a square or rectangular shape with a width of 4-1/2 inches.

The flat cap refers to the top portion of the newel post, which is designed to have a flat surface. This provides a clean and modern look while allowing for easy attachment of handrails or other components of the staircase.

The Modern 4690 Box Newel with a flat cap can be used in various staircase configurations, including straight rails. It adds a sleek and contemporary touch to the overall staircase design.

Modern 4690 Box Newel, a contemporary and sleek choice for your staircase. This box newel features a 4-1/2" square design and a length of 64". Please note that the 4690 series is imported and does not include 1/2 newel options. If you require a 1/2 newel post, we recommend exploring our 4075 box newel series or the 4091 box newel series. Elevate the modern aesthetic of your staircase with the 4690 Box Newel, a stylish and durable choice for your home.