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1-1/4" square Chamfered-Edge Baluster

$13.00 - $13.95
Chamfered edge balusters are a key element in modern staircase design, effortlessly blending aesthetics and structural integrity. Our contemporary baluster selection caters to those looking for a stylish stair baluster that resonates with current home renovation trends. Each wooden baluster we offer is crafted with precision, incorporating a wood chamfer that accentuates the clean lines desired in many stairway designs. Our stair parts are more than just functional; they're an opportunity for homeowners to express their style through home improvement and woodworking. The chamfered wood design is a testament to our attention to detail, aiming to contribute to the overall staircase upgrade you envision. Modern stair components, including balustrade components, are carefully selected to ensure compatibility and ease of installation. When it comes to carpentry stair detailing, we understand the importance of the right staircase baluster – it can make or break the visual flow of your stair remodel. Our selection keeps in mind both handrail components and the broader interior design stairs narrative. Whether you're involved in a DIY project or seeking custom stair parts for a comprehensive home renovation stairs endeavor, we offer quality solutions that align with your needs. In conclusion, as you consider a staircase upgrade, remember that our contemporary baluster options are designed to offer you a seamless integration with your home's aesthetic. Choose components that will stand the test of time and elevate your living space.

5060 Chamfered Contemporary Baluster - 1 1/4" square. This is a chamfered-edge contemporary style fluted 1 1/4" baluster. Chamfer is 18-1/8" in length. This baluster looks great with the 4091 box newel series or the 4000-C contemporary newel series. This type of wood baluster is also available plain (without flutes) or fluted (see 5060F balustrade). We also carry this style of balister/spindle in a 1 3/4" size (5360C series).
Now available in Monterey Pine, Red Oak, Primed, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Hickory, Mahogany and Walnut.