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Double Twist Baluster

$2.50 - $17.95
Double twist baluster designs add a timeless elegance to any staircase. These twisted balusters showcase intricate craftsmanship, transforming metal balusters into striking stair embellishments. Our decorative baluster selection merges both style and durability, perfectly suited for staircase renovation projects. The iron baluster options in our inventory cater to a range of baluster design preferences, ensuring you find the ideal match for your stair railing. Opting for a staircase baluster like ours means investing in quality stair parts that elevate your home's aesthetics. Our baluster installation process is streamlined for ease and efficiency, so you can enjoy your custom baluster without unnecessary hassle. As a critical stair part, the metal stair components we provide are engineered for stability and visual appeal. Our selection also features a variety of twist spindles, including the striking spiral stair spindle, which brings a touch of architectural baluster sophistication to any ironwork for stairs. Whether you seek a simple stair baluster or an elaborate staircase spindle twist to complete your interior design vision, our options deliver on both form and function.

A double twist iron baluster is a type of decorative element used in staircase construction and railing systems. It is made from wrought iron or steel and features a unique twisted design that adds visual interest and elegance to the balustrade.

The double twist iron baluster typically consists of two helical twists that run along the length of the baluster. The twists are evenly spaced and create a visually appealing pattern. The double twist design is often combined with other decorative elements, such as scrolls, baskets, or knuckles, to further enhance the aesthetic appeal.

These balusters are commonly used in traditional and classic architectural styles, adding a touch of sophistication to staircases and balconies. They are often installed in combination with other baluster styles to create a varied and interesting railing design.

When installing double twist iron balusters, they are typically secured to the staircase or railing via drilled holes and epoxy. The balusters are usually spaced evenly along the handrail and attached to the stair treads or the floor with the help of newel posts or other structural supports.

Overall, double twist iron balusters are a popular choice for homeowners and designers looking to create an elegant and timeless look for their staircases and railings.

Hollow Double Twist Baluster. 1/2" square x 44".