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4091 Contractor Grade Raised Panel Box Newel 6-1/4 inch with Square Cap


The 4091 Contractor Grade Raised Panel Box Newel offers a cost-effective alternative to the regular raised panel box newel. With its dimensions of 6-1/4" square and 55" height, this newel provides an appealing design element for your staircase.

The raised panel design is achieved by routing the inside of the panel, resulting in a visually pleasing look. While it may differ slightly from a true rail and stile floating panel, it still adds an attractive touch to your staircase while helping you save money.

We offer this contractor grade box newel in two wood species: Poplar and Red Oak. These options are readily available in our stock. However, if you prefer a different wood species, please note that it may take approximately 10 to 15 business days for us to fulfill your order.

By choosing the 4091 Contractor Grade Raised Panel Box Newel, you can enhance the appearance of your staircase while staying within your budget.