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Wood Handrail Drill Gauge


The Drill Gauge for installing stainless fittings onto a 1.78" diameter Round Wood Handrail is a useful tool that helps in centering the E600/T attachment support on the end of the handrail. This ensures accurate placement and alignment of the support for secure installation.

To use the drill gauge:

  1. Position the drill gauge on the end of the wood handrail, aligning it with the desired installation location for the attachment support.
  2. The drill gauge will have pre-drilled holes that correspond to the screw or bolt locations on the attachment support.
  3. Use a drill bit of the appropriate size indicated on the drill gauge to drill pilot holes in the wood handrail through the holes on the gauge.
  4. Remove the drill gauge and align the attachment support with the pilot holes on the handrail.
  5. Securely attach the attachment support to the wood handrail using screws or bolts (not included).

By using the drill gauge, you can achieve accurate hole placement on the wood handrail, ensuring a precise fit and alignment for the attachment support. This promotes a secure and sturdy installation of stainless fittings onto your round wood handrail.