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Handrail Connector for Wood Handrail

Quality stair rail connectors are essential for both safety and aesthetics in any home or commercial space. Our handrail connector ensures a secure and elegant join between your wood handrail and the staircase posts. Designed with versatility in mind, these railing fixtures seamlessly blend functionality and style. The adjustable handrail connector offers flexibility for various angles, making it a go-to solution for unique stairway designs. With precision in manufacture, each wood stair rail connector guarantees a perfect fit, reducing the complexity of installation. The wooden handrail joint is crafted to ensure durability while complementing the natural beauty of your hardwood rail connectors. Our balustrade rail fittings are created with the installer's ease in mind, featuring simple yet effective railing connection hardware. The handrail bracket for wood is specifically engineered to support the weight of the handrail with ease. When it comes to joining the baluster to the rail, our baluster connector offers a reliable solution. For those looking for a more seamless finish, the spring bolt connector and the spring bolt rail system provide an innovative, screw-less way to connect your wood railing connector without compromising on strength. For added peace of mind, the staircase handrail connector meets the industry standards for safety, ensuring that your staircase railing joint not only looks good but is also up to code. The handrail to post fastener ensures a stable and long-lasting connection, making your investment worthwhile. With our variety of connectors, including the stair rail connector, securing your staircase components has never been simpler. Each piece of railing connection hardware we provide is designed to blend security with elegance, enhancing the look and feel of your space. Our comprehensive range of connectors ensures that you will find the precise solution you need for your staircase project.

Stainless Grade 304 Handrail Connector for round 1.78 inch diameter wood handrail.

Attaches with two E600/T's (included) and the E600/D drill gauge tool (sold separately). The drill gauge is not absolutely necessary to install the fitting; however, it does speed up the process if you have several end caps or fittings to install.

To install the fitting: Attach the E600/T to the end of the wood handrail then place the end cap over the E600/T attachment support with polyurethane construction adhesive.