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Stainless Wall Termination for Wood Handrail

Stainless wall termination provides a polished look to any staircase. Our wood handrail end cap is designed to offer a sleek, wall-mounted handrail finish that complements your home's aesthetic. With our easy handrail termination installation, you can add the perfect wooden handrail finishing touch yourself. Our handrail end fittings are crafted for both style and durability, ensuring your wall end handrail components stay securely in place. The handrail wall termination technique we use ensures a seamless transition from handrail to wall, making installing wood handrail terminations straightforward. For homeowners seeking that final detail, our finishing touches for wooden handrails, including the wall bracket for handrail ending, provide a secure handrail to wall methods that are both elegant and reliable. Choose our wooden banister end caps for a refined handrail wall terminus installation, effectively terminating a handrail against the wall. Our wood railing end piece selection is all about precision and handrail end detailing, ensuring your staircase is as safe as it is stylish.

The Stainless Grade 304 Wall Termination is specifically designed for round 1.78-inch diameter wood handrails. It provides a clean and finished appearance when mounting the handrail to a wall. Please note that the Stainless Mounting Screws needed for installation are sold separately and are not included with the wall termination. By using the Stainless Grade 304 Wall Termination, along with the recommended stainless mounting screws and optional flange cover, you can achieve a polished and finished look for your wood handrail installation.