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Stainless Pivot Fitting for Wood Handrail

Stainless pivot fittings are essential for attaching handrails securely and elegantly to staircases. When it comes to wood stair handrail fitting, a reliable wood handrail connector like this ensures a seamless and sturdy result, enhancing the overall look and safety of your stairs. With the right pivot fitting installation, homeowners can efficiently undertake stair handrail installation or upgrade exterior stair railings. Choosing high-quality stainless steel handrail components, like these pivot handrail brackets, is critical for both interior and exterior wood handrail installation. To aid in the process, a comprehensive handrail installation guide is invaluable for those tackling a stair railing DIY installation. This guide simplifies securing handrails to walls or fixing handrail to concrete, ensuring every step from wood handrail mounting to handrail assembly techniques is straightforward. Wooden handrail fittings, particularly custom wood handrail designs, add a touch of personal style while maintaining the integrity of the structure. Whether updating wood railings for front steps or implementing exterior wood handrail installation on concrete steps, this fixture supports the needs of various projects.

Stainless Grade 304 Pivot Connector for round 1.78 inch diameter wood handrail.

Attaches with two E600/T's (included) and the E600/D drill gauge tool (sold separately). The drill gauge is not absolutely necessary to install the fitting; however, it does speed up the process if you have several end caps or fittings to install.

To install the fitting: Attach the E600/T to the end of the wood handrail then place the end cap over the E600/T attachment support with polyurethane construction adhesive.