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Stainless 90° Curved Elbow for Wood Handrail

Stainless steel is a durable and aesthetic choice for staircases, providing longevity with a modern look. The stainless steel elbow we offer is a high-quality, 90-degree handrail elbow designed to fit perfectly with your wood handrail, making it an ideal curved handrail joiner. This metal handrail elbow seamlessly connects to the stair balustrade elbow, ensuring continuity and structural integrity for your stair railing components. Intended to be a handrail angle connector that brings both function and style, this stair handrail fitting joins two wood sections at a precise right angle, offering a clean handrail seam connector. A key feature of this product is its polished finish, which complements any wooden handrail corner, adding a touch of sophistication to your banister rail corner. The practical design makes it a simple yet essential handrail elbow fitting for stair parts handrail curves. Its design guarantees easy installation as a stair railing joint, while also serving as a reliable handrail corner piece. For those looking to refine their stairway's look, this staircase handrail elbow merges both the strength of the metal banister elbow and the elegance of a stainless railing elbow. As a 90-degree railing connector, it maintains the flow of the staircase design, enhancing the overall aesthetic with minimal effort. Its construction ensures that as a curved handrail joiner, it will stand the test of time, offering security and style to your stair construction project. In conclusion, whether you're installing a new staircase or upgrading an existing one, our stair parts handrail curves provide the perfect union of form and function, ensuring your staircase is both beautiful and structurally sound.

304 Stainless 90 Degree Curved Elbow for 1.78 inch diameter wood handrail.

Attaches with two E600/T's (included) and the E600/D drill gauge tool (sold separately). The drill gauge is not absolutely necessary to install the fitting; however, it does speed up the process if you have several end caps or fittings to install.

To install the fitting: Attach the E600/T to the end of the wood handrail then place the end cap over the E600/T attachment support with polyurethane construction adhesive.