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Narrow S Scroll

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Wrought iron scrollwork adds timeless elegance to any staircase. Our Narrow S Scroll is crafted with precision, offering a blend of classic style and modern appeal. This ornamental iron scroll showcases intricate craftsmanship, perfect for enhancing your staircase scroll design. Each piece is a testament to the durability and beauty of scroll metal. With our S Scroll, homeowners can effortlessly elevate their home's aesthetic, ensuring a sophisticated touch that complements any decor. Choose our scrolls for a seamless upgrade to your living space.

A narrow S scroll baluster refers to a specific type of baluster that features an "S" shaped scroll design with a relatively narrow profile. The S scroll design consists of a curving shape resembling the letter "S" or a serpentine pattern. The narrow profile indicates that the baluster is thinner or slimmer compared to standard balusters.

This style of baluster is often chosen for its elegance and decorative appeal. The narrow S scroll design adds a graceful and intricate element to railing systems and staircases. It is commonly used in both traditional and contemporary architectural styles, offering a blend of timeless charm and modern aesthetics.

Narrow S scroll balusters are available in various colors such as satin black, ash grey and oil rubbed bronze.

Narrow Scroll Metal Baluster. 1/2" x 5-3/8" width x 44" length. Scroll is approximately 24" length x 5-3/8" width.