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Mega Single Basket Baluster - 3/4"

(You save $5.40 )

A "mega single basket baluster" refers to a type of baluster used in staircase construction. Balusters are the vertical posts that support the handrail of a staircase.

The term "mega" is a particular baluster that is larger or more substantial in size compared to standard balusters. "Single basket" indicates that the design of the baluster includes a single basket-shaped element or decorative motif.

Single basket balusters feature a central basket-shaped design. This design adds an aesthetic touch to the staircase while providing structural support.

These balusters are commonly made of steel, which offer durability and strength. They are available in different finishes, including satin black, oil-rubbed bronze, and ash grey, among others.

Mega Single Basket Baluster - Hollow. 3/4" square x 44" length.