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Mega Double Twist - 3/4"

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A mega double twist iron baluster is a type of decorative component used in staircase design. It features two separated intertwined twists, creating an elegant and visually appealing element for staircase railings.

Iron balusters are popular choices for stairs due to their durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. They are available in various designs, including single twist, double twist, basket, scroll, and many more. The mega double twist iron baluster is a larger and more intricate version of the standard double twist design, making it particularly eye-catching.

These balusters are typically made from wrought iron, which is known for its malleability and ability to be shaped into intricate designs. The iron is heated and then twisted or formed into the desired pattern. The resulting baluster is strong and sturdy, providing support and safety while enhancing the overall beauty of the staircase.

When installing mega double twist iron balusters, it's important to consider local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with safety standards. Additionally, hiring a professional installer or contractor experienced in staircase construction is advisable for proper installation and structural integrity.

Overall, a mega double twist iron baluster can be a stunning addition to any staircase, combining functionality with an elegant aesthetic.

Mega Double Twist Baluster - Hollow. 3/4" square x 44" length.