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Mega Single Knuckle - 3/4"

(You save $1.60 )

A mega single knuckle iron baluster refers to a type of baluster or spindle used in staircases and railings. An iron baluster is a vertical support member that helps to stabilize and decorate a railing system.

In the case of a mega single knuckle iron baluster, it is specifically made of iron and features a large single knuckle design. The knuckle refers to a decorative feature that resembles a rounded knob or ball. The "mega" aspect indicates that the baluster is larger in size compared to standard balusters, which can create a more prominent and visually striking appearance.

These types of balusters are commonly used in residential settings to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to staircases and railings. They can be combined with other baluster designs and components to create unique railing systems that suit the architectural style and personal preferences of the space.

Mega Single Knuckle Baluster - Hollow. 3/4" square x 44" length.