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Mega Single Twist - 3/4"

(You save $2.20 )

A "mega single twist iron baluster" typically refers to a specific design element used in staircase construction. Let's break down the term:

  • Baluster: A baluster is a vertical pillar or column-like support used in a balustrade system. Balusters are usually evenly spaced and connected to a handrail or other structural elements. They provide support and decorative appeal to staircases and balconies.
  • Iron: Iron is a durable and commonly used material for balusters due to its strength and versatility. Iron balusters are known for their sturdiness and ability to withstand heavy use.
  • Single Twist: The term "single twist" refers to the design of the baluster. A single twist iron baluster features a single spiral or twist along its length, adding visual interest and elegance to the staircase. This design element gives the baluster a unique and decorative look.
  • Mega: "Mega" refers to the larger size or scale of the baluster. The baluster is larger in dimensions compared to standard or traditional balusters.

Overall, a mega single twist iron baluster is a large-sized, vertically-oriented support spindle with a single twist design, made from iron, and used in staircase construction for both functional and decorative purposes.

Mega Single Twist Baluster - Hollow. 3/4" sq. x 44" length.