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Spiral Scroll Baluster

$8.95 - $38.00

A Spiral Scroll Baluster is a specific type of baluster that features a spiral design with decorative scrollwork. This type of baluster adds a touch of elegance and intricacy to railing systems and staircases.

The spiral scroll design refers to a helical or twisted shape that runs along the center of the baluster. It has a nautilus twists, creating a visually appealing and unique pattern. Additionally, the baluster includes decorative scrollwork, which consists of curved and flowing shapes resembling scrolls or waves.

Spiral Scroll Balusters come in various colors, such as satin black, ash grey and oil rubbed bronze. They are often used in more ornate and traditional settings, adding a graceful and sophisticated element to the overall aesthetics.

Hollow Nautilus Scroll Metal Baluster. 1/2" x 5" width x 44" length.