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4100 Plain 3" Newel

The walnut newel post is a crucial component in the structure and aesthetics of a staircase. These posts offer the strength your staircase needs, combined with the elegance that only a solid walnut newel post can provide. With precise newel post dimensions, homeowners and builders can ensure a seamless fit. Choosing the right newel post length is essential, whether you're looking for a starting newel that begins your staircase with style or a landing newel that provides continuity and support. Crafted with care, the standard newel post dimensions meet industry specifications, but there is also an option for an extended newel post length to accommodate custom stair designs. Newel post installation is a critical step, requiring attention to detail to ensure stability and to integrate your staircase newel post design smoothly into your home. Conveniently, the newel post size is designed for compatibility with most staircase layouts. The top of newel post has been crafted to offer an elegant transition to the handrail, while the newel post base anchors the entire assembly securely to the floor or stair tread. For those needing flexibility, the adjustable newel post length provides adaptability for various projects. The bottom of newel post is just as meticulously made, guaranteeing a stable footing for the entire structure, thus combining form with function in every piece.

The term "4100 plain 3 inch newel post" refers to a specific type of newel post used in staircases or balustrades. Let's break down the different components of the term:

  1. "Plain": The term "plain" typically indicates that the newel post does not have any decorative features or embellishments. It has a simple and clean design without any added details or carvings.
  2. "3 inch": This dimension refers to the width of the newel post. In this case, it indicates that the newel has a width of 3 inches. The width is measured across the broadest part of the newel.

The 3-inch contemporary newel post refers to a type of structural support post commonly used in staircases and balustrades. Newel posts are vertical posts that provide stability and support to the handrail system. They are typically located at the bottom and top of a staircase, as well as at any intermediate landing or turning points.

The term "3-inch" in this context refers to the diameter or width of the newel post. A 3-inch contemporary newel post would have a diameter of 3 inches (approximately 7.62 centimeters). The contemporary style implies that it has a modern design aesthetic, often characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and minimalist features.

Contemporary newel posts are readily available in wood for strength and stability. Wood newel posts are commonly made from hardwood species like whit oak, maple, or walnut for their durability and beauty. The choice of material depends on personal preference, desired style, and the overall design of the staircase or balustrade.

It's worth noting that the availability of specific dimensions and styles are available at Stair Warehouse. If you are looking to purchase a 3-inch contemporary newel post, it's advisable to consult with a local supplier or check online at

4100 Contemporary Newel - 3" square. This is a contemporary 3" newel with a chamfered top edge. This newel looks great with the 5060 or 5360 contemporary wood baluster series. This type of wood newel is also available fluted (see 4100F newel) or with a chamfered side edge (see 4100C newel). Available in two sizes - 48" and 58". Available in Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Hemlock, Hickory, Mahogany and Walnut.

If you would like a half newel, please specify that in the comments section of your order upon checkout. Additional costs will apply.