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3-1/2" Farmhouse Solid Newel


A 3-1/2 inch farmhouse solid newel refers to a structural element commonly found in traditional farmhouse architecture. A newel is a post or column located at the bottom or top of a staircase, providing support and stability to the handrail. In the context of a farmhouse, a solid newel typically refers to a newel post made from solid wood, often featuring a simple and sturdy design that complements the rustic aesthetic of farmhouse-style homes.

3-1/2 inch Farmhouse solid newels are typically crafted from durable and visually appealing wood species such as white oak, hickory, or maple. They are known for their robust construction and can vary in size and design, depending on the specific farmhouse style and individual preferences.

When selecting a 3-1/2 inch farmhouse solid newel, consider the overall design and theme of your farmhouse to ensure a cohesive look.

It's worth noting that the term "solid" in "solid newel" refers to the construction material being laminated with solid pieces of wood as opposed to a hollow or composite alternative. Solid wood newels offer strength and durability, and they can be stained, painted, or left natural to showcase the beauty of the wood grain.

When installing a 3-1/2 inch farmhouse solid newel, it's essential to follow building codes and safety guidelines to ensure proper support and stability for the staircase. Consulting with a professional contractor or builder experienced in stair construction is recommended to ensure a safe and structurally sound installation.

Overall, a 3-1/2 inch farmhouse solid newel is a foundational element of a farmhouse-style staircase, adding both visual appeal and functional support to the overall design of the home.

The 3 -1/2" Farmhouse solid newel posts provides just the starting point to create a clean stair banisters and railings with simplistic details. The focal point of your stair railing are the newel post crafted with straight lined details to build upon the architectural design elements for the stair banisters and railings wood stair parts within all staircases or stairways. The square newel posts style found in our Farmhouse, Contemporary, Mission, Prairie or Art Deco stair banisters and railings will fit perfectly with our iron balusters or horizontal round bars

3-1/2" sq. Flat Panel Mission Newel Post. Great for a transitional or farmhouse look. 3-1/2" square body x 57" height.  Cap is 5" square.