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Special 4091 Box Newel -Import


A special 4091 box newel, also known as a square newel, is a type of newel post commonly used in staircase construction. Newel posts are the upright posts that provide structural support and stability to a staircase, located at the beginning, end, and points of direction change in the stairs.

Special 4091 Box newels are characterized by their square shape, as opposed to turned or round newels and less expensive than the traditional 4091 Box Newel. They typically have a solid and sturdy construction, often made from wood. The box newel gets its name from its box-like appearance, with four equal sides forming a square shape.

Special 4091 Box newels offer a more modern and streamlined aesthetic compared to turned newels, which feature decorative spindle-like shapes.

In staircase construction, Special 4091 box newels are often installed at the bottom and top of the stairs, as well as at intermediate landings or points where the stairs change direction. They provide a solid anchor for handrails and balustrades, contributing to the overall strength and stability of the staircase.

Imported 4091 Box Newel with Square Cap. Available in Red Oak and Poplar. 6-1/4" sq. x 55" length.